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Ian Timothy - Liz Clark.

Front Page - June - August 2017

While visiting a LizianEvent Show, you become part of our like-minded family we call our community. We put ethos before profit and this means some will be skeptical of our intention or ethos. So, it is important for the visitor to be clear about the purpose of our community.

LizianEvents are dedicated to our visitors and the individuals who make up our community. We are not the event; we are administrators of the event. We have two main objectives: - 

1) Working to protect our Ethos and reputation. 
2) Promoting every exhibitor who becomes part of the shows. 

We do this, so potential visitors can be sure of the integrity of our events, and can ‘get to know’ the community before visiting the event.

What can you expect to experience during your visit?

You will discover the community is a rich and varied mix of therapists, healers, retailers, and readers. All follow the highest standards of ethical guidelines. The event is not a jamboree or carnival; this would erode our purpose. A visitor will not encounter ‘guest speakers’ as there are many gifted and eloquent people within our community who can fulfill this role. 

A visitor can expect a warm and happy atmosphere. We limit the numbers of stalls of each particular genre and the stalls are booked on a 'first come - first served' basis. Therefore you will find different people exhibiting on subsequent visits. We vary the talk schedule and speakers to encourage visitors to return time and again. This is a tough policy which has caused some exhibitors not to stand with us. As the strength of the events grows, they may change their minds. However, the opportunities for the visitor to talk to members of the community is always within the venue. 

A visitor will not encounter people promoting 'cancer or miracle cures' at our events. We respect the views of the majority of our visitors who are uncomfortable with this type of practice. We believe our events are better off without ‘quackery.’ Of course, we embellish and promote alternative and complementary healing and therapies. Our practitioners are highly qualified in their techniques if you wish to experience Reiki, Aromatherapy, Indian Head Massage, you'll not find a better environment.  

There are fewer high street retailers of esoteric goods and alternative products. So, here is your marketplace where you will discover many different products. Unique clothing and jewellery are abundant at the events. If you need to talk to a specialist bookseller or purchase a room harmoniser, you're at the right venue. If you like crystals and magic wands, they are to be found in abundance.

And what of the Psychic and Medium? Of course, they will be here and you will discover them to be exceptionally qualified as councillors. Many have alphabets of letters after their names. The modern reader knows empathy and understanding are a prerequisite to their reputation and success.

We encourage visitors to follow and participate in our LizianEvents :-) NEWS it is updated every day. The reader will learn more about our ethos, ideas, and future. Of more importance, a visitor to the LizianEvnets News site will be able to discover how rich and varied are the people who make up the LizianEvents Community, after all, it is their work which makes’s it thrive.

By the way: we sometimes asked: “Do you allow children at your events?”
The answer is “Of course we do!”

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