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This media wall is of interest to visitors and community members:
The videos are produced to help visitors learn about our Community Members. There is a live link to their website's at the end of each video. For full frame the symbol in the lower right corner does the trick. All MP3's are free to download and the delivery platform is 100% secure, click on the image to download the file. 

India Jo Jordan
Spiritual Medium and Healer

John Harris
Soul Wisdom Psychic Consultant

Brigitte Rix
Author and After Life Researcher

John Richardson
Spiritual Medium and Past Life Regressionist

Joe Hymas
Talks about health and fitness

Steven Blake
Discuss's his pain relief technique

Campbell Wallace
National Donor Registry Ambassador

Simon Goodfellow
Psychic and Spiritual Awareness Workshop

John Richardson
Past and Present Life Regression

Rick Paul
A short testimonial for his mentor
Simon Goodfellow

Rick Paul talks about his work and future
He is fast becoming on of the U'K's
premier Spiritual Mediums

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Our Community-Driven Shows are becoming 

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The title says it all

Community Commentary on our progress

Michelle Durant talks with passion about her work
and methodology.
Her kindness and generosity shine in the video

Dathan Berry talks about the incredible healing

power of Himalayan Rock Salt.

This is an amazing video

'Crystal Carol' Wallace talks about her new shop

Community connections go beyond the shows