‘Creativity Connected Event’
18 + 19 July 2020
Lady Eastwood Centre

Newark Show Ground

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The date for the first Creativity Connected Event is 18 + 19 July 2020. The prospect of promoting and putting this show together is exciting. Of course, the event will be challenging. However, this aspect is beneficial to the project. Challenges keep us on our toes. And yes! There are significant investments involved in making this show work, and we have a feeling there is every reason to put this show on the events calendar.

We are about to put the expertise learned over the last six years of the test. I know we will rise to the moment. We can evidence our ability to organise unique and captivating shows. Although, the difference with the ‘Creativity Connected Show’ is it becoming a national event.

No organiser has attempted to bring together every facet of the creative arts under one roof. My thinking is, artists will thrive in this environment. Exchange of ideas, thoughts and methods will unify them as artistic, creative people. The event is concentric: in the inner-circle are the community of exhibitors surrounded by the circle of visitors. The visitor may be someone who wishes to learn about techniques, and she may want to buy community exhibitors artwork, another may attend to buy products.

The power of art is beyond the force of commercial influence. Think about this statement with care. Nothing is made without thought, ideas, writing, drawing, designing, producing, exasperation, celebration, disappointments and celebrations.

For Examples:

→Photographs – Videos – Music production combines to make documentary or family archive.

→Writers and photographers produce commercial articles or personal blogs, Vlogs, Vimeo or Youtube productions. Photographers and Videographers can meet and enjoy workshops.

→Bloggers can get into the Wordpress vibe and see what is available in training, plug-ins and templates.

→Designers, painters, pencil sketchers, silk-screen printers will demonstrate the skills of their art. And sell their creations.

→Zine producers and self-publishers can exhibit and sell their work.

→Amazing printmakers have a platform to make sales. Meet with agents and gallery owners.

→Clothes designer can exhibit and sell their work.

→If you are a singer on the open stage, who knows who will hear your work?

→Editors, publishers can look for new talent, the show is a holistic, artistic playground.

→The idea of a Mentor’s corner: offers opportunities to all who are one2one trainers or those who are looking to meet a mentor.

→And of course, there will be writer and self-publishing workshops.

These are not the only aspects of the show which will come together. There are also retail opportunities for producers of artist materials and production equipment. Maybe you are a used equipment dealer who wishes to connect to new customers? If you have artistic or productions sales prospects there is a place for you at ‘Connectivity Connected’.

We are convinced ‘Creativity Connected’ will receive incredible self-promotion. I am certain creative people understand the need to connect this event is the ultimate creative networking opportunity. It seems to me many people will attend to expand their connections. For example, art dealers may visit and scout for new talent.

In many interactions, we are asked: ‘How and why have you created this show?’ and we learn from the answer. Ask why The LizianEvents Organisation has chosen to put this show together? And the answer is: ‘The show is a first and a great idea. Everyone asked about the concept: loves the idea. After-all the creative mind can see the possibilities, this show has to offer’.

And the first show will be subsided to encourage exhibitors: The stand fees are £120:00 for a single table: £200:00 for two tables and £280:00 for triple tables for the whole weekend! What better opportunity to connect with Visitors and fellow creative people? If you retail artwork, photographs, cermatics, art supplies, photgraphic supplies, silk-screen printing equipment etc, the options are endless. With talk schdules and demonstation areas exhibitors should easily rcover their costs.

The Lady Eastwood Centre is the perfect venue: Large and spacious and unlimited parking.

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