4 - 5 November

Lincoln Well Being Show
Epic Centre
Lincolnshire Show Ground


60 - Exhibitors



WorkShops are listed separately: The workshop page contains a great deal of information.
Simon Goodfellow - John Richardson - Carol Wallace are presenting workshops at this show.


Clipstone Usui Reiki & Energy Healing System
Mick Haywood and Alan Sheppard 'Clipstone Reiki' will be offering their healing for clients to try at the show. Mick and Alan run weekly classes in Clipstone, near Mansfield - attended by novices and all levels of reiki students, learning in a relaxed environment at their own pace. 
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Elemental Balance ~ Rachel Bavin
Holistic medicine using technology, promoting personal health & well being.

Happitivity ~ Natalie Hegarty
Future life progression, identifying with the future you to make positive change in your life.
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Gill Moore
Experience spiritual healing - taster or full session - non invasive, seated therapy.
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Jill Fraser Ear Candles ~ Eliza Hodges
Eliza will be giving Ear Candle Treatments at the show. She will be happy to talk about her work, therapy, and training.
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Journey Into Wholeness ~ David Albans
Journey Into Wholeness seeks to bring healing and wholeness through the power of the Spirit, by providing a listening ear and sensitive prayer.
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Positive Resonance ~ Carole Ann Catterall
Chakra Healing Therapy - plus handcrafted chakra & mandala cards and artwork and chakra corresponding coloured bracelets.
Email - Carole

Pure Holistics ~ Michelle Durrant
Grimsby based Holistic practice offering - Indian Champissage head massage, reflexology, reiki, hopi ear candling. 

Radient Skin ~ Bee Dean
Exquisite Facepainting, Henna & Body Art

Sanctuary Reflexology ~ Chandu Solanki
Reflexology and Indian Head Massage.
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Steven Blake mba ~ creator of OldPain2Go
Come along and meet Steven and Trudy to discuss anything that is bothering you that you would like to get rid of out of your life.  They provide a service to help people remove themselves from suffering.  Suffering is holding on to pain that is no longer appropriate or necessary and it doesn’t matter whether that is physical, emotional or both.  Steven gives dynamic, amusing and educational talks around this topic which are not to be missed.
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Enquiries: Link Here
FaceBook: Go To Page
Phone: 01526 832 563
Text: 07971 607 477

Sutton Healing Centre ~ Elaine Chadbourne
Relaxing Reflexology and Reiki treatments and taster sessions. 
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Seated Therapies by Tampara ~ Paul & Tamra
Indian Head Massage, a traditional therapy which has been practiced in India for over 1000 years, non invasive seated accupressure massage to relax aches and pains and induce relaxation and feeling of well being.
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Synergy by ReikiMichael ~ Michael Jameson
Angelic Reiki & Reiki treatments, and Tuning Fork taster sessions.
All of my treatments and therapies can be communicated in British Sign Language if needed.

The Balance Procedure ~ Jacqueline Seddon

Sutton Healing Centre ~ Elaine Chadbourne
Reflexology and Reiki - and hand crafted wood items, sticks, staffs, chairs, bird boxes and gifts.
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Animal Communication ~ Emma Gowshall
Animal Communication and Animal Energy Healing - Emma runs workshops to teach communication with your pets, and how to use dowsing with your pets and animals.  A selection of pet and animal related products and gifts are available at the Healing Pets stand.

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DW Fitness

John M Harris ~ Soul Wisdom Psychic Consultant
Soul Realignment Reading. 
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Woodland Trust
The Woodland Trust is the UK’s leading woodland conservation charity that restores and protects ancient woodland as well as creating new woodland for future generations to enjoy.
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Aurora Crystals and Art ~ Debbie and Peter Thorpe
Crystals, natural and polished.  Original artwork and spirit guide portraits.
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The Archangel Studio ~ Angie Waudby
Archangel & esoteric sprays, angel incense, soy wax melts, flower essences.

Brigitte Rix 
Channelling Author ~ Brigitte will be promoting and signing her four published titles.
Brigitte's books are dictated from those in the Afterlife.
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Campbell Wallace
Author ~ Campbell’s book ‘Second Chance’ guides the reader to his incredible life-saving transformation.
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Celestial Treasure ~ Heather Pedley
Unique, individual, handcrafted products and art - made from recycled costume jewellery. 
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Heather's Website

Crystal Carols ~ Carol Wallace
Crystals, gemstones, rough and worked stones.  Crystal jewellery, handmade bracelets, pendants and earrings.  Carol teaches ‘Melody’ accredited crystal healing workshops and courses. 
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doTERRA ~ Jurga Proudlove
Certified pure, therapeutic grade, safe and effective essential oils for the health & wellbeing of the whole family - physical, mental, emotional, minor and major ailments.

Dreamlits ~ Teresa Sequira
Dreamlit is a crystal bracelet that you wear while you sleep to help sleep. Crystal pyramids and cubes to help with raising a person’s vibration. Colloidal gold/silver in 500ml bottles, the gold is a natural anti-inflammatory and silver has natural antibiotic properties.
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Earth Magic Crystals ~ Rose Best
Crystals and silver jewellery.

Ethically Gifted ~ Kirstie Wood
Fairly traded, eco friendly, recycled and up cycled gifts, handicrafts & accessories: sun catchers, wall art, wind chimes, Guatemalan worry people, raffia baskets and hats, hippy bags and purses, rag rugs, prayer flags, mosaic ware, batik chakra scrolls... produced from around the world.
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Health Wealth and Happiness ~ Sue Hickman & Christina Warr
Forever Living Products and Aloe Vera.

Hermit Lodge ~ Brian & Bridey Barber
Handcrafted & bought in goods, many fair traded, including wands, spells, magical charms, throws, faerie doors, incense and magical curiosities.
Email - Bridey

Jane Osborne Author ~ Jane Osborne
Author of book about Past Lives.

Joy's Jems ~ Sandi-Joy Pinkney 
Hand made gemstone prayer beads, scarf bails and jewellery; scarves and pashminas; salt lamps and bath salts. 
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Lady Carrie’s Collection 
A range of women’s clothing - stylish, easy to wear designs in a range of sizes and colours; footwear and accessories 
Unit 2 School Court, Brigg, North Lincs

Magnetix Wellness ~ Sam McHugh
Magnet Jewellery and Accessories.

Mel-Jay ~ Melanie Jones
A magpie’s delight!  Selection of silver and gold set crystal jewellery and fine mineral specimens and crystal carvings.
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Moonlit Pathway Books ~ Annie & Martin Webster
Popular books, tarot cards and oracle cards. 
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Naturally Smart Skincare ~ Judith Watson and Norman Ogden
Organic, vegan and natural skin care, premium products for face and body.
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Neal’s Yard Organic Remedies ~ Beki Anderson
Neal's Yard Remedies offer natural, certified organic and ethical skincare, essential oils, diffusers, superfoods & supplements.
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Northstar Crystals ~ Erick Henderson
Orgone and Orgonite devices & remedies, ziggurats, pyramids and grids.
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Soul Sisters ~ Sharon Cobham
Retailers of imported items from India, Thailand and Tibet including buddhas, tingsha, brass alter items, prayer wheels & oil burners and incense oils.
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Stephanie J King ~ Soulpreneur 
Stephanie will be talking about her range of books, cards and cd's. She will also advise using her readings. Those who seek chakra balancing can also consult Stephanie regarding this beneficial therapy.

Tres Joli ~ Dulcie Brown
Clourful collection of fair-trade clothing & gifts.
Email Dulcie

Aura Interpretations ~ Kevin Doe
One of the leading companies in the UK offering the latest in Aura Photography and Live Aura Systems, Photos and Reading - bringing together many years of spiritual growth and experience from a personally presented perspective.
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India Jo ~ Reader 
India Jo is one of our most experienced readers. A wonderful smile and insightful readings conducted with humility and love.
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John Richardson ~ Past Life Regression
John’s work is a reflection of his desire for people to find happiness and
security on their life journey. John is a highly qualified and experienced
Past Life Regression Practitioner - A gifted Medium and Healer - He looks
forward to taking to you at this show.
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Julie Elizabeth ~ Reader
Tarot, psychometry and rune readings - undertaken with compassion.
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Kirsty Celik ~ Reader
International Spiritual Medium – working with spirit and angel cards. All readings are recorded onto a complimentary CD.

Leigh’s Psychic Pathways ~ Leigh Rebekha
Psychometry, Psychic Mediumship, Flowermancy

Mystic Christine ~ Christine Rose
Medium psychic reader using tarot cards and working with spirit guides
Email - Rose

Nina Roberts ~ Reader
Tarot and Mediumistic Readings.  The author of ‘Its not all Love and Light’.  Nina will be promoting and signing her book on Saturday and available for one to one readings on Sunday.
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Rick Paul spiritual medium for one to one readings.
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Suzanne Maria Emmanual 
Divine Pineal Gland Activations for greater love, manifestation & karma removal. Channeled Angel readings.
New Magnetic Frequency Attunement Healing modality from Caeayaron (Kryon) Other channeled manifestation and angel healing workshops
Books channeled from the Galactic Federations of Light
Books channeled from Caeayaron, who is also known as Kryon 'in process'.
Books channeled from Sovereign Lord Emmanuel The Great ‘in process’.

Rose Best ~ Reader
Tarot and Shamanic Readings.
Email Rose

Simon Goodfellow ~ Spiritual Medium
To Book a one to one reading with Simon email at his contacts page
Call Dave on Mobile: 0789 4091702 Office 01302 869051
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Lincoln Well Being Show ~ Talks & Workshops

Saturday 4 November:

Room 1:

Steven Blake ~ Creator of OldPain2Go
‘Living a Life You Will Love’
Steven will explain how to make use of your power of your mind to attract the life you cannot even imagine being so good 

Nina Roberts ~ Medium and Author
‘Releasing Negative Emotions’
Nina presents this mini workshop - a guided group meditation based session designed to release negative emotions and be able to move forward feeling positive.  Easy to learn technique to use in your own environment.

Erick Henderson ~ ‘Northstar Orgonite changes lives!’ 
Join Erick in this mini workshop and learn about the power of Northstar Orgonite and Amy Holland Channelled Orgonite remedies to affect so many areas of your life, from health to relationships, money to spiritual connections. Feel the energy for yourself, no previous experience needed.

Carol Wallace ~ ‘Choosing & Using Crystals’ 
Crystal Carol introduces the audience to simple methods of selecting and using crystals and suggests four basic crystals as a start.

Carole Ann Catterall ~ ‘Positive Resonance’
In this talk, we will briefly cover the nature of energy and its impact on the world around us. We will reveal the nature of thoughts, emotions and beliefs as energy forms and how they impact on the energetic pathways within the body – the meridians; the chakras and their corresponding organs and systems. Ultimately, everything we think, do and say stems from one of two sources – love vs fear; truth vs non-truth. Motives based on ‘fear or non-truth’ decrease the capacity of the body’s immune system to bring about healing, whereas ‘love or truth-based’ motives bring the body back into wholeness and wellbeing. Often the real reasons behind our actions are hidden from us – the result of conditioning and doctrines or beliefs imposed upon us by society. ‘Higher consciousness always comes from a place of truth, however, and by linking into our individual consciousness the truth behind our decisions will be made known to us’. The truth of this statement will be revealed in a fun, interactive session, involving the use of dowsing rods and some very simple actions, carried out by a few willing members of the audience. Join me, for this interesting and enlightening session!

Rick Paul ~ Spiritual Mediaum
Rick gives a fascinating talk about his work as a spiritual medium.  This presentation seems like a conversation and there is total interaction with his audience, culminating in a demonstration of mediumship

Room 2:

Peter Wall ~ ‘Hypnosis as a second career’
Stuck in a rut?  ready for a change?  Peter explains how you can train in hypnosis and turn it into an additional income stream or second career.

Suzanne Maria Emmanuel ~ Caeayaron 
Suzanne shares with you the channelled teachings of Kyron (Caeayaron) ‘We are in a time of enlightening to higher love frequencies, we are in a time of learning and collective consciousness and all that that means to bring awakening, allowing peace and love to prevail’ - If you desire to bring healing to your life, Suzanne invites you to listen to and share her channelled messages.

Campbell Wallace ~ Second Chance
Double lung transplant survivor Campbell Wallace talks about how he used positive attitude …

3.00pm - 5.30pm ~ ‘Past and Present Life Regression’:

Paid workshop hosted by John Richardson
Full details of paid workshops on the WorkShop Link

Lincoln Well Being Show ~ Talks & Workshops

Sunday 5 November:

Room 1:

Jane Osborne ~ Author of ‘Past Life Regressions’
Author Jane Osborne talks about her book about the fascinating subject of Past Life Regression.

Brigitte Rix ~  Mysteries of the ‘unknown’ Questions & Answers TALK on the Afterlife 

In this lively and interactive talk you have the opportunity to ask your questions to Medium Brigitte RIX. Such as:
· Why & how YOUR life & HEALTH CAN be improved.
· Why YOU CHOSE to be a HUMAN.
· Why you & your LOVED ONES will survive ‘death’.
· Why your departed can learn to COMMUNICATE.
· Why Humans & Animals are ENERGY BEINGS.
· Why there will be more natural DISASTERS.
· Why orbs, premonitions, ‘PAST lives’ are real.
· Why this Universe EXISTS… (and more questions!)

Brigitte is a clairaudient medium, Spiritual Teacher & Channelling author - 4 acclaimed published books CHANNELLED from the ‘Spirit World’.


Emma Gowshall ~ Animal Healing
Alternative Therapies for pets & demonstration of animal communication
A brief introduction on how to use alternative therapies with your pets, covering crystals, sound therapies, flower remedies and essential oils.  Emma will also present a short demonstration of animal communication.  


Natalie Hegarty ~ Happytivity
‘Future Life Progression’
Natalie shares her journey with Future Life Progression and how it helped her to find hope within her life - Natalie will conduct a guided meditation with the audience members, taking them on journeys to see yourself in a future lifetime.

Rachel Bavin ~ Elemental Balance
‘Vibrational Frequencies’
In this mini workshop led by Rachel, Experience energetic balancing frequencies as a group.  Everything in the universe is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies.  Even things that look solid are made up of vibrational energy fields at the quantum level.

Bioresonance fine-tunes your energetic body, clears blockages and balances you at your core cellular energetic level and helps you to return to equilibrium. When your energy field is in balance and harmony, the physical body also experiences optimal health.  Using Bio-resonance energy balancing tools can bring about an incredibly subtle and deep healing, yet it is painless, safe and totally non-invasive. As a transformation modality, bio-resonance is a comprehensive and powerful tool for energy balancing and healing on all levels of your Being: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual.

Kirsty Celik ~ Medium
A demonstration of mediumship with audience participation and Kirsty’s sparkle and humour. 

Room 2:


John Harris ~ Soul Awareness & Soul Wisdom
‘Past, Present & Future using the Akashic Records’
John explains the mysteries of how one can use what are known as the Akashic Records to find out who we are at soul level and explores what we can do with that information.  An interesting, informative and interactive talk.

12.00 - 2.00pm ~ ‘Chakra Clearing Workshop’: 

Paid workshop hosted by Crystal Carol’s Carol Wallace

2.30pm - 4.30pm ~ 'Introduction To The Psychic and Spiritual Realm':

Paid workshop hosted by Simon Goodfellow Spiritual Medium

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