Lincolnshire Show - Talks

Draft of Talk Programme - Lincolnshire Well Being Show 
3 & 4 November 2018

This Program will be completed on Tuesday 23 October

Saturday 3 November: 

Room 1:

11.00am  Brigitte Rix - Talk Two

12.00pm  Robert Brown  

1.00pm  Jane Osborne - Exploring Past Lives

2.00pm  Steven Blake - Be the best you can be

3.00pm  Campbell Wallace - Second Chance

Room 2:

11.00am  Carol Wallace - Introduction to Crystals

12.00pm  Jenn & Paul - Astrology

1.00pm  Claire Hegarty  

2.00pm  Teri Clayton 

3.00pm  Emma Gowshall - Animal Communication

4.00pm  Barrie John Medium 

Room 3:

12.00pm  Christina Warr - Forever Living

1.00pm  Paula North - Isagenix

Room 4:

11.30am  John Richardson - Paid Workshop £30 - Lose Weight

2.00pm  Woodland Trust - How trees can make you happy

3.00pm  Central Wellness Yoga Workshop

Sunday 4 November:

Room 1: 

11.00am  Emma Gowshall - How to use a pendulum

12.00pm  Debbie Mace - Stop Happy

1.00pm  James Cook - Gut Health Club

2.00pm  Claire Hegarty - Workshop

3.00pm  David Albans - How to stop worrying

4.00pm  Brigitte Rix - Talk 2

Room 2: 

11.00am  Carole Catterall - Chakra 

12.00pm  Robert Hawk - Shamanic Healing and how it works

1.00pm  Eliza Hodge - Sick Building Syndrome

2.00pm  Central Wellness - Mindfulness Meditation

3.00pm  Carol Wallace - Crystal Grids for you and your home

4.00pm  Rick Paul - my journey and messages 

Room 3: 

12.00pm  Jurga Proudlove - doTERRA for health and emotional wellness

1.00pm  Alan Wood - Everyday life of the Lakota before European influence

2.00pm  Annie Gilbert - Pink Moods

Room 4:

11.30am  Darren Stanton - Paid Workshop £20:00

2.00pm  Philip Underwood 

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