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2 - 3 JUNE

Epic Centre
Lincolnshire Show Ground

100 Community
24+ Superb FREE Talks
8 Paid Workshops
12 Live Stage Demonstrations

This show is guaranteed to attract many Visitors. The combination of Well Being - Spirit and Well Being - Body is bound to appeal to a wide range of people.

The concept is simply explained, The LizianEvents Community has grown to over one hundred members. Some are involved in the many aspects of spiritual awareness, and others are directed toward physical health.

Many potential Community Members approach us with their propositions. Yoga, vegan, vegetarian, fitness, food supplements, specialist cosmetics, are six examples. In truth, many have been reticent to join The Community because of a suspicion the two aspects Well Being - Spirit and Well Being - Body would not work well together. The Epic Centre's flexibility allows LizianEvents to overcome this constraint. This purpose-built exhibition venue, with ample facilities and unlimited parking is ideal for our purpose. We know the exciting mix of Community Members and this superb venue has a unique appeal to a wide spectrum of Visitors. 

We have interviewed and spoken to hundreds of Visitors during our shows, and the enthusiasm for the concept is remarkable. Of course, there will be some whose main focus is in either Spirit or Body. Although, it is a safe bet most who attend to the show will not miss the opportunity to explore both aspects of the event.

A continuous list of 100 Community Members is too daunting for most people. Visitors can review The Attending Community and Talks List from the relevant page links below.

Lincoln - Spirit
Lincoln - Body
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The first alphabetical list of 72 Community Members
Updated Weekly from 14 April

Angelic Fragrance


Aura Interpretations

Barrie John Medium


Brigitte Rix - I Talk With Spirits

Campbell Wallace - Second Chance

Carrie's Collection

Celestial Treasure

Central Wellness Yoga Studio

Certified Health Coach

Chesterfield Amethyst

Counselling with Cartouche

Crystal Carols

Darren Stanton - Body Language


Emma Gowshall Animal Communication

Ethical Organiser

Ethically Gifted

Exploring Past Lives by Jane Osborne

Feel Better Fast

Hawk's House

Healing Hands

Health, Wealth & Happiness

India Jo

Innerlight Hypnosis


Janie Psychic

Jill Fraser Ear Candling

Journey Into Wholeness

Joy's Jems

Joylina - Living with Soul

Laura Miles Ltd


Moonlit Pathways Books

Mystic Christine

Native American Traditions

Naturally Smart

Neal's Yard Remedies

New Horizons

Nina Roberts

NW Counselling Hub



P&G Underwood

Positive Resonance

Promoting Gut Health & Improving Soil

Pure Holistics

Rick Paul Spiritual Medium


Sanctuary Reflexology

Seraphina Jewellery

Simon Goodfellow Spiritual Medium 

SJ Therapies - Colour Mirrors


Soul Architect

Soul Sisters

Spiritual Creations

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Sat Nav by Noel Hogan

Sutton Healing Centre

Tampara Seated Therapies

The Alchemist

The Sean Barkes Clinic


Woodland Trust

Lincoln - Spirit
Lincoln - Body
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