Newstead Abbey Historic House & Garden
Newstead Abbey Park 
NG15 8NA3

Date - 31st August - 1st September
Newstead Abbey - New Venue for 2019

Visitors are enthusiastic about this Well Being Event. It will enjoy a similar number of stands to the old 'Nottingham Trowell Show'. We averaged thirty Community Members at the show. Everyone recognised the atmosphere as fantastic.

The Community Members will take advantage of the Orangery and Cloisters. The atmosphere in the house is wonderful. Let's face it you are in the home of Lord Byron. Well Being and history blended.

The limitation for the old show was limited talk schedules. Here we have tow talk rooms and we'll hold twelve talks each day. Twenty-four talks presented by the most active people in the UK's Well Being Circuit. Note: The talk rooms are accessed by stairs.

Entry to the WELL Being Show is free. Although Visitors have to pay a car parking fee of six pounds. If there are four people in the car this represents £1:50 each!

A full list of attending Community Members will be on this page during the last week in June.Visitors to the Well Being Show are being offered a concessional price for entry to the House and Gardens. We expect a busy show, weekend visitors to the ground are high in number and we will meet and gain many new friends at this show

While visiting the Well Being Show Visitors can take advantage of the extensive gardens and we have arranged for a concession for our visitors to enjoy the Newstead Abbey House tour. The show, the gardens and the house all are part of this unique event.

Information about the house:
Discover the Romance & Mystery of Byron's Home

Newstead Abbey is a beautiful historic house set in a glorious landscape of gardens and parkland within the heart of Nottinghamshire. Founded as a monastic house in the late 12th century, Newstead was home to the poet Lord Byron between 1808 - 1814. Inside the Abbey there is much to explore including Victorian room settings, and the poets private apartments.The gardens and parkland at Newstead Abbey cover more than 300 acres with paths that meander past lakes, ponds and waterfalls.  The formal gardens are the perfect place to relax and offer something in all seasons from the bright colours of the rhododendrons in late spring to the Japanese maples in autumn.

See You There