26 - 27 January 2019

Trowell Parish Hall
Stapleford Road

35 Community Members Attending
12+ Talks

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Attending Community - List

Alchemy Products
Angela Barker - Tarot
Campbell Wallace
Counselling with Cartouche
Crystal Carols
Divine I - Astrology
Ethically Gifted
Gill Moore Spiritual Healing
Health, Wealth & Happiness
Inner light Hypnosis
Jeaneil Therapies
JS Natural Therapies
Lizian Crystal Shop
Magic and Mayhem
Moonlit Pathways
Natures Workshop
Pam Shield
Rick Paul
Sanctuary Reflexology
Soul Sisters
Sutton Healing Centre
The Witch's Heart
Woodland Trust

Talks List

To Be Announced

A Visitors Experience:

“The Nottingham Well Being Show has a ‘cult’ following. I love the atmosphere and the exhibitors who consider me as a friend. The first time I attended your show I came with someone who was not too interested in the type of event. Although the second time round I travelled alone, because there was no doubt in my mind I would be amongst friends. Sue welcomed me at the door and Mel Jones recognised me in an instant. I walked around the exhibition for the initial review and found myself in conversations with other visitors and exhibitors. 

What I love about the show is there is always new stall holders to see, and although the venue is not the ‘showground’, it certainly holds a good mix of exhibitors. every need is catered for, tarot readers and mediums, books, clothing and esoteric goods are a few examples of what is available. In fact, for the last show of 2017, I came on both days. 

A visitor could come just for the talks, the selection is varied and interesting. Agreed the talk room is cosy, but in a way, this is why the visit is so unique, everything seems to be ‘just right’, it’s intimate.

The food is fairly priced and plentiful, this is an important factor for me. I know the menu is not extensive but everything is fresh and well prepared. Let’s face it a mug of coffee for 50p cannot break the bank and the dining area is always full of people. It’s nice, to listen to them talking about their ‘readings’ or a bargain purchased from a stall holder or you could just sit and take in the atmosphere.

This show is special, very special, there is a friendliness which is difficult to find these days. Someone said to me ‘this is a gem of a show’ and he was right. The atmosphere is warming and kind, there seems to be a common purpose. I love the show, and as already said: it almost has a ‘cult’ status. I think the biggest problem Liz has got, is one day the venue will be too small. Liz tell’s me she’ll cross that bridge if it happens.

For the time being, I will come to every Nottingham Event, I’m nearly seventy and travel by bus to Trowell. You don’t travel at my age unless there is very good reason, you’ll never be let down at this show. I’m looking forward to this year's events and meeting with old friends and making some new ones”.