Exhibitors feedback and Visitor comments (Newark Show 16 -17 September)

Dale Bannister: What a weekend, surrounded by beautiful people, organised by beautiful people (Liz Lizian, Ian Timothy).The path you are walking, is the right path, the picture you are painting will be a beautiful picture. Looking forward to attending more LizianEvents.

Lorraine Clay: Thank you Liz Lizian, Ian Timothy and everyone else in the Lizian Events Community, for a wonderful day. Fantastic atmosphere at Newark Well Being Show today. Roll on 20th and 21st October at Trowell, can't wait.

Debbie Thorpe: Travelling home after a great show at Newark hosted by Ian & Liz Lizian - big thank you to them and great to catch up with everyone.

Sandi-Joy Pinkney: Well what a fabulous weekend at Liz Lizian's event at Newark show ground met some fabulous people. Lots of giggles with fellow stall holders and of course lots of hugs. Thanks to Peter Wall and Di For your company thoroughly enjoyed it. See you all at Trowell next month if not before.

Lisa Davies: Gorgeous henna done at Liz Lizian and Ian Timothy wellbeing event today at Newark showground. Lovely show thank you x and to Radiantskin - beautiful work x

Rick Paul: What absolutely awesome weekend at the Newark well being event Congratulations and thank you to Liz Lizian and Ian Timothy for the advice and support and the impromptu reading. i have surprised myself and this is really where i want to be heading. This has been a weekend of revelations, support , friendships old and new a demo/talk, clients and an awesome atmosphere, Can't stop saying wow, Simon Goodfellow can't thank you enough for helping me onto this pathway. John Richardson you are awesome Tamra Butler and Michelle N Charlie Durrant love you guys thanks for your energies, lovely to meet and connect with India Jo Jordan and a special mention for my star friend of Leigh Rebekha even though your energies make me fall over. If I have missed anybody I am sorry but just know everybody I have connected with this weekend you are all awesome. Loads of love.

Michelle N Charlie Durrant: Thank you, great weekend.

Elaine Chadbourne: Just like to thank Liz Lizian for a wonderful weekend at Newark show ground this weekend wonderful people brilliant atmosphere great laughs and looking forward to Trowell and seeing you all there take care all and thank you again xx

Marie Aydogan: What a super day has been had at the Newark wellbeing event. What a super atmosphere. Big thank you to Liz and Ian and all the members of our awesome community for making such a lovely space to spend the day in. Looking forward to day 2 tomorrow xx

Simon Goodfellow: Big Thank You to Lizian Events for their amazing dedication in hosting Newark Well being Show This Weekend. To see how much you care about each exhibitor who attended the show is a breath of fresh air for me. You have put so much hard work into this Event and it showed over the two days.Congratulations Lizian. Looking forward to many more shows and we wish Lizian events all the best for hosting excellent shows in the future.

Exhibitors feedback and Visitor comments (Nottingham Show June 2017)

Lorraine Clay: Thank you so much Liz Lizian, Tamra Butler, Ian Timothy and Paul can't discribe how much better I feel. Wonderful atmosphere today. Love you all xx

Peter Wall: Its late in the evening but have to post the following comment before I turn out the light. This weekend has been brilliant being at the LizianEvents Trowell Parish Hall. Both Di & I have had the opportunity to meet & work with some great people. A pleasure to have fellow exhibitors working together & in turn creating a great atmosphere & energy within their own area of well being - be it treatments, readings, crystals or fantastic retail items etc. Each one has helped to make this event a success. But the biggest thanks goes to Liz & Ian for the hard work & effort they put into making this & their other events a success - not only for the exhibitor but as important for the visitor. Here's to Newark - see you there. Nite nite all & have a great week ahead & see you all again soon.

Joy White: Hi Liz and Ian many thanks for giving me the opportunity to have my first stall with you at the Nottingham well being event at Trowell. It was so lovely to be welcomed into the family by so many of the other stall holders and yourselves. I had an amazing time and the people who attended for the show were lovely to its was a great atmosphere as well as being fun. And I hope that those I gave hand massages to on my stall enjoyed them to. See you for the next one. xxxxx

Zoe Paul: Really enjoyed my visit on Sunday. I met lovely like minded people, attended a fab workshop by Crystal Carole and an enjoyable talk/ demonstration by Rick Paul Spiritual Medium/Psychic  I also spent far too much money (although the conversation and advice was free) on the lovely products available from stalls such as Ethically gifted, Forever living, Emma Gowshall and Mel-Jay. Thanks everyone for making it a lovely relaxing day.

Carol Wallace: Crystal Carols: Well Liz Lizian and Mr Ian Timothy: A huge THANK YOU from us we had an amazing fun and love filled weekend with some lovely folks at Nottingham Show. I enjoyed doing my talk on the sat with standing room only ! and LOVED doing the Chakra Balancing Workshop on the Sunday ( even though this meant leaving Campbell Wallace "holding the fort" on the stall ) we had a wonderful busy weekend .and met some new friends.. it was so like the "old days" of shows with happy bright "stall holders" or rather community and happy interested visitors ! this gave the whole hall a buzz of happy energy. However. I have a slight “complaint" - we were so flipping busy on Sat and Sunday. I didn’t have a chance for one of your famous sausage butties!!

Catherine Telford reviewed LizianEvents: 5 star:  Attended the Trowell event yesterday & had a fantabulous time! Superb atmosphere, went over budget on too many crystals - can you have too many?! Great demo/talk from Rick Paul & then Crystal Carol. Learned so much, hoping to make the next show x