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LEN Article for Prospective Community Members

As part of The Community you agree to become active in all aspects of PROMOTION - This is how stand prices remain at an affordable level.

All Community Members are expected to promote The Well Being Shows. It is important prospective Community Members understand this requirement. All Social platforms must be utilised to best advantage The Community. Potential Community Members MUST accept and understand this aspect of our organisation. Community Members utilise LEN (LizianEvents News) and LizianEvents social platforms to promote the shows. Do not read further if the desire is be an exhibitor - we are Community Driven - OUR success is a mirror of mutual promotion and working in unison to guide our Visitors to discover ways to become a Well Being.

LizianEvents Ltd reserves the right to void agreements or contracts made with individuals or organisation who damage the reputation of our Shows or Community.

Community information

This page takes some time to read and contains extensive information about LizianEvents policy, ethos and objectives. We are dedicated to building a strong and influential Community. It is important for any potential Community Member to read through this page. A Community Member will commit time and money to exhibiting, and they should be aware of the ethos of the organiser (LizianEvents) in which they place their faith. We are innovators and pleased other organisers follow our lead. Plagiarism is of no concern to us as we are firmly focussed upon our purpose, not the methodology of others. When people decide to copy another's ideas they demonstrate weakness, not leadership.

We are dedicated to building a strong, large, and loyal Visitor base to benefit The Community Members. Therefore, the strategy is to make a concentrated effort toward developing prestigious events at a small number of first class venues. It is important for the venues to be within a reasonable proximity to our home base for promotional purposes. The distance between venues must be sufficient to gain the maximum visitor coverage. The reasons for the choices made are explained in the following:-

Nottingham is our home ground and the fledgeling venue for new exhibitors.

Newark is 30 minutes away from our home base and includes Nottingham, Grantham, Sleaford, Boston, Leicester, and Mansfield postcodes. 

Lincoln is 75 minutes away from our home base. And includes Doncaster, Skegness, Hull, Grimsby, Scunthorpe postcodes.

Newark and Lincoln are twenty miles apart the overlap is perfect for promotion and visitor numbers.

Events with a right balance of Community Members offering a high quality of service will appeal to our visitors. Therapists, retail and readers numbers are carefully assessed. We also insist there is no crossover of goods or services. Quality and loyally attended events are preferable to over-subscribed and poorly attended events. When 'exhibitors' have to struggle with internal competition, the event is undermined. We are dedicated to giving our Visitors the best value and service. To achieve our objectives we have to provide an excellent platform for our exhibitors, therefore:-

LizianEvents and The Community agree to eight guiding commitments and objectives: -

1.  The Community recognises the purpose of each show is for visitors to discover ways to become 'A Well Being’.

2.  This is the core value and objective of our shows.

3.  Community Members are dedicated to Share and Promote their Shows.

4.  Community Members support each other.

5.  LizianEvents protects reputation of the shows at all times.

6.  Ethos is of greater importance than profit.

7.  LizianEvents are not the Event - The Community is the Event.

8.  Dedication and understanding ALL the above values is essential to mutual success.

Community Members must realise there is absolute transparency in our work. We have no intention of building Listings which Community Members pay for year in and year out. Remember All Directory Listings are free - Our Well Being Shows connect Community to Visitors - For clarity, we do not run shows to sell listings in our directory. It would be easy to charge £100 per year for a listing in a data-base and with two hundred listed we would earn 20 thousand pounds per annum. Multiply this by two and the earning would be 40 thousand pounds per annum. 

The problem is: for many subscribers there would be no return on investment. LizianEvents ethically cannot follow this route. We are not saying it is wrong or immoral, from our stand-point, it is a burden we cannot add to our Community Members.

All shows will provide extensive talk schedules: Community Members will NEVER be charged to give a talk. All talks are free to Visitors.

We are realists and accept building a reputation of integrity and honesty takes time. The verification of our commitment is discovered in our actions. We are dedicated to Community Members enjoying material success with a sense of achievement from their endeavour. Is this materialistic attitude? No, it is not, we should accept the material aspects of our purpose must be acknowledged. 

It is essential our Visitors keep returning to our shows, and this means working together to make our shows a success. One example of our commitment is giving value for money, both to exhibitors and visitors. Community Members will discover our stand prices are fair and competitive. All Community Members pay exactly the same price relevant to the genre (Therapy - Retail - Reader - Promotion) To keep the overheads down, it is important exhibitors are fully committed to the 'whole' show, which means, promotion, unity, and community for all involved.

Our aim is to encourage a blend of Community Members and new exhibitors. LizianEvents go beyond organising events. We provide opportunities for people to become part of a community. The event is The Community. We encourage oneness and connectivity. For our part, we demonstrate an ethos of moral values, transparency and integrity. The fact is: A connected and transparent relationship between all who participate, enhances the prospect of mutual success. And this is at the core of our business ethic, it cannot be erased or changed. 

Interested in exhibiting?  

For those who have an interest in working together with LizianEvents, please use the 'Contact' link on this website - provide all relevant information about the products and services you offer, and the shows which are of interest. LizianEvents Terms & Conditions can be ‘copy and pasted’ for future reference. 

We welcome new and varied exhibitors to join us.  The ethos behind LizianEvents will be of interest to those who may not have an entirely materialistic approach. Although, we are focussed on our exhibitors making a profit at the shows. For those who wish to 'dip their toes in the water,' the smaller Nottingham venue is worth consideration.

The Future will encompass the ideals of sharing and mutual promotion: For examples: We have a verified 7000+ email database. We have a verified postal database of 8000+ addresses. Our integrated social media, LizianEvents News, iTunes, this website and our Vimeo platforms can be utilised by Community Members.

The proprietors of LizianEvents extensive marketing expertise is fully utilised. Community Members are encouraged to use the 'share' button on their social media sites.  Community Members are supplied with flyers and posters on request.

This information is relevant to current and potential Community Members - please read through carefully, they are for the benefit of ALL exhibitors.

LizianEvents Terms and Conditions