Terms and Conditions

1) A Community Members booking will be confirmed by email from LizianEvents upon receipt of completed booking form. The signed completed booking form is acceptance of our terms and conditions. It is essential you understand each of the clauses as they are fundamental to LizianEvents ethos. 'The Community' agrees the T&C's are the foundation to mutual success. 

Payments are made in three stages and full payment is due one month before an event. A Community Member without confirmation of a secure booking or full payment made will not stand. Community Members who arrive on a speculative basis will not be given space.

2) Insurance: LizianEvents holds 'event' indemnity. Community Members are solely responsible for their public liability insurance and where appropriate, product liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance.

3) PAT certificates:  Electrical items must be fit for purpose and certified for use.  Venue operators decisions and directives about PAT certificates are final.

4) Electricity:  Access to electricity may be available by prior arrangement via a power outlet within reasonable distance to your stand.

5) All lighting should have no more than 200W light consumption per unit - to a maximum of 600W.  Energy efficient low wattage tubes and bulbs are widely available. We encourage ‘green’ and ecologically sound practice from Community Members.

6) Allocation of space is firm. If we move one person, there is a knock on effect. The rule is, where you find yourself is where you'll be. LizianEvents does not provide or guarantee exhibitors the same spot at venues.

7) Music: LizianEvents provides PRS free background music during events.  'Inharmonious sound' affects visitors, to give you an idea sit in your lounge watching your television, then switch on your radio. That is inharmonious sound, and it does affect people.  As a consequence, there is no need to bring music to the event.

8) Community Members must be set up by 09.45am.  With doors open to the Visitors at 10.00am prompt our prime concern is customer safety, and for our event indemnity, we cannot have members of the public put at risk due to exhibitors unloading/setting up. No naked flames (candles) to be used at venues. (Therapists, please state on your booking form if you offer ear candling).

The use of incense and smudge sticks is not permitted within LizianEvents venues - Venues are installing more sensitive smoke detectors, LizianEvents is not prepared to risk a false fire alarm and ruination of a show if an alarm is triggered due to smoke. (Community Members using ear candles will be put in an area of the venue as far from the sensors as possible.) Once the doors are open our priority is the visitors - we regularly hear complaints from Visitors about incense and smudge sticks. We cannot risk losing visitors.

9) LizianEvents encourage Community Members to work in harmony. New and fledgling Community Members can benefit from more experienced Community Members' knowledge.

10) LizianEvents encourage Community Members to distribute promotional media.  Please email for further supplies.

11) Cancellation: Due to the budget constraints of the events. Cancellation within 30 days of the event or ‘no show’ on the day will still require full payment of remaining stand fee to the agreed conditions. NO refund of payment is possible of any payments made. Exhibitor signatories (Not business name or Limited Liability Company) will be held personally liable for debts owed to LizianEvents.

11a) Refunds exceptional circumstances. LizianEvents Ltd holds the sole right to cancel shows and exhibitions. If the show is cancelled due to 'force majeure' or reasons beyond our control no refunds of deposits or full payments will be given. Funds paid will be diverted to an alternative show.

11b) LizianEvents Ltd do not accept responsibility for outside (external) expenses caused by cancellations for whatever reason. Outside (external) expenses could be travel costs, administration fees, overdraft interest, hotel, guest house accommodation bookings, payment of staff, car or van hire. Any external cost incurred due to cancellation or change of dates is the responsibility of the Community Member or signatories named on the booking form.

11c) Fee's due are without variation: There is NO circumstance were an invoiced fee becomes none payable: On rare occasions we may accept payment on or after an event. This does not change the contractual agreement of the booking form.

11d) Outstanding debts are continuous: Interest on debts is 6% per annum.

12) Receipt of completed booking form or deposit will be taken as acceptance and full understanding of LizianEvents Terms and Conditions.  We will not enter into correspondence or deviation from the T&C's.  Please take clear note of clause 2 ‘insurance.' 

13) LizianEvents fill floor space on a first come first serve basis with reasonable restraints on numbers of types of stands.  LizianEvents works a 'by date' rolling list for exhibitors and a ‘no show’ or last minute cancellation, as well as requiring payment in full, will result in being placed at the bottom of the list.

14) LizianEvents has an entirely unbiased ethos and will not discriminate on any level.

14a) LizianEvents accepts no responsibility for disputes between exhibitor and their client(s). LizianEvents does not take responsibility for verbal, physical or any other form of contact between an exhibitor and client/public. LizianEvents are not qualified mediators and therefore cannot give judgment over disputes.  

14b) LizianEvents decisions on Terms and Conditions or any aspect of the organisation of events is final.

15) Charges for exhibitors: Stand prices are shown on relevant booking forms.

Charges are for a single space stand - 6ft - suitable table and chairs are supplied by LizianEvents for your use - if you use a couch or therapy chair a smaller table is provided.  If you require additional space - for example, an extra couch or treatment chair or display stand - please enquire at time of booking as there may be a charge; if you require double space (12ft) or indeed triple space (18ft), there is a fixed fee for every additional table.

16) At the time of booking 'The Community Member' is asked to define their products and services clearly. Please do not put yourself into a situation where we ask you to remove unlisted goods or services. No crossover of goods is permitted at any time there are no exceptions. For examples: A therapist is not a retailer, an author is not a reader, a reader is not a retailer. Of course, an exhibitor can retail their branded products.  Save yourself and us the embarrassment. Email us for further clarification if there is any doubt to this clause.

The explanation for clause 16) LizianEvents stand prices are extremely competitive. It was the escalation of stand prices and falling of footfall which meant exhibitors looked to expand their range of goods. Crossover of products diluted all exhibitors possibility of profit. This became a never ending downward spiral and left many exhibitors without profit. After consulting exhibitors the consensus is; with a healthy balance of clearly defined stands, the visitors receive a far superior and prestigious experience.

17) Stand size. If you book a six-foot table that is what you will use.  'Greedy boards' are not permitted - 'Greedy boards are extensions placed between tables - This is an unfair practice to other exhibitors.

Exhibitors using self-assembly stand or stands instead of the tables provided will be charged at multiples of 6ft lengths. Every exhibitor will be given a clear space between stands, do not encroach upon this space.

18) LizianEvents does not enforce readers to record readings/consultations with visitors. We do not have feedback forms. We are organisers. Each additional service we provide has an impact on our overheads. We keep our organisation as simple as possible, and we deal with matters immediately and in a fair and correct manner.

19) Children are not permitted to accompany Community Members during a show. We cannot risk children endangering themselves or visitors. Our insurance will not cover third party claims. We follow the consensus of the majority of our community who have expressed their feeling, that an exhibition/event is not a safe place for exhibitors children. The children cannot be accompanied at all times and looking after a child distracts from the purpose of exhibiting.

20) Visitors attend LizianEvents Organised Shows or Events with the clear understanding they are visitors and not traders. This means once they enter a LizianEvents Organised Show or Event, their purpose of attending is to interact with exhibitors and attend the talks and workshops without the intention or purpose of making financial gain. When a visitor purchases a ticket, receives a free or complimentary ticket or is given free entry to the show or event, they accept LizianEvents terms and conditions apply to them during their visit. Notices about terms and conditions are clear and prominent on the reception tables, prize draw tables, and information tables. Failure to read or not understanding the terms and conditions does not exonerate anyone from not being subject to the rules or clauses. We provide ample opportunities to provide specific information to those who require additional clarification of any provision of the terms and conditions.

21) Visitors may not trade, sell, or promote goods, services, shows or events at or during a LizianEvents Organised Show or Event. LizianEvents does not permit any third parties to trade, sell or promote during a LizianEvents Organised Show or Event. A Community Member may be accompanied by an assistant or friend. If the accompanied individual decides to promote or sell another product which is not on the 'Community Members booking form the accompanied individual becomes a trader. 

For further clarification:- 

When a visitor trade's, sell's or promote's at or during a LizianEvents Organised Show or Event, they immediately convert their terms of entry to the event - they cease to be a visitor and become a trader.

The conversion from visitor to trader means they immediately become subject to a charge to trade at the LizianEvents Organised Show or Event. The charge or fee is relevant to the price paid by The Community. The minimum fee due is £150:00.

Community Members are guided to report 'Ghost Traders'. The fee is gifted to the R.N.L.I Charity. LizianEvents reserves the right, to bar from entry, any individual or organisation who fails or refuses to pay trader fees at a LizianEvents Show or Event.

The rules will be the first call in any decision we make on the floor during the event.  

Please be sure to read and understand every clause.  If you have the slightest doubt about the meaning of any of the above clauses; contact LizianEvents for extended clarification.  

A clear understanding of LizianEvents terms and conditions is essential for the smooth running of our events. An exhibitor's signed booking form is taken as full understanding and acceptance of LizianEvents Ltd terms and conditions.

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