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This website contains information about the yearly schedule and information about each show and its exhibitors, talks and workshops.
LizianEvents News is the place our community thrives. A link to the 'News' is found at the end of each page of this site. 

Three venues are home to the events they are:-

Lincoln - Epic Centre
Newark - Cedric Ford Pavillion
Nottingham - Trowell Parish Hall

LizianEvents focus is on promoting our community and connecting each of them to our visitors. There is no intention to be 'The Best Show' 'or The Biggest Show'. There is a drive and objective to be known as 'Community Driven' both Visitors and Community are the Event. The daily LizianEvents News updates information about our visitors, friends, ideas and Community. Various ideas are aired to thousands of readers every week. Topics are varied, why smiling wins, meditation works, the Tarot opens the mind and visitors thoughts are only a fraction of the subjects covered in the essays. Visitors and Community members are encouraged to participate on the pages.

We have to keep an open mind to changes and the flexibility of having a full time media presence is imperative to the success of our community. For this reason this website and LizianEvents News is constantly updated, adjusted and revitalised. 

All community members respect each other and the visitors. Visitors are the reason for our work and the strict understanding of our ethos ensures each visit to the event will be happy and interesting. The number of community members who stand at each Well Being Event is limited to sixty five. We do not count table numbers to expand the size of an event. Sixty - five community members will equate to eighty - five tables. A visitor is guided to read and count the exhibitor list, to assess the size of an Event. 

Incidentally, because the events enjoy’s a limit to stand numbers. And we operate a ‘first come first stand’ booking policy, the visitor can expect to see new community members at each event. We have excellent talk and workshop schedules with decent breaks between each seminar. Do not be surprised if we make adjustments and changes to the way each show is formatted. Nothing is fixed or set in stone, without flexibility and variation the events will stagnate.

Our reputation is growing due to our community. The effort they put into improving their products, services, therapies and gifts is amazing in depth and quality. We have no problem with offering our visitors evidence of our continuous dedication to improving our Well Being Events. Todays news soon becomes yesterdays news and front pages will change. The visitor can dig into the archive of LizianEvents News and read hundreds of essays written about our Community. Remember the front pages of our sites are in constant improvement. New ideas, new concepts, ever changing progression are a reflection of our Ethos.

When were we established? We reestablish ourselves at the end of every event and there are many new and ideas coming to LizianEvents in the last quarter of 2017. It is worth while joining the emailing list to take advantage of the new concepts coming to your events.

See You Soon


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