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26 - 27 January 2019

16 - 17 February 2019

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2 - 3 June 2019

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Who Are we?

We are not the biggest, best or oldest established organisation. We have our faults and much to learn. Every day is a new beginning. We are in constant evolution. We work with dedication to discover the best ways to communicate and establish an identity of integrity. We are 'A Community' of dedicated people who work together towards the goal of becoming a Well Being.

Well Being:

We have setbacks and issues which can be challenging to resolve. We have to make difficult choices based upon the values agreed upon by all 'Community Members'. We make a few mistakes and enjoy many successes. We support each other and work between shows to promote our work. We are like all people, without perfection, however, our objective is to share ideas which benefit our lives and help us to become a 'Well Being'.

The purpose of the shows:

Is for Visitors to discover ways to become a 'Well Being'. Community Members embraces the core value of the organisation: This is for Visitors and Community Members to work together to become a Well Being.

We are not only a series of weekend shows:

We are a 365 days a year resource of information: LizianEvents News (LEN) connects Community to Visitors every day: Articles about every facet of wellness is discovered on LEN.

The Community is the Strength:

All Community Members understand Visitor priority is the pathway to mutual success. Our ethos means every part of the organisation has integrity, clarity, moral principle, and transparency as core values. 

Discovering how to become a 'Well Being':

The focus is on organising shows which have a balance of 'Physical Well Being' and 'Spiritual Well Being' ideas, products, services and practices. Consider the shows as events of discovery.

The Community is the Show:

The preference is to use the title 'Community' not exhibitor. The Community makes shows memorable by providing Visitors with exceptional service and care. Community Members follow an ethos which flows through every aspect of our work. This philosophy ensures each visit to a Show will be happy and exciting. 

LizianEvents connects Community to Visitors: 

The six connections are this website and five conduits:-

1. LizianEvents News

LizianEvents News (LEN) is a daily platform for information written for both Visitors and Community. Visitors will discover the ethos of our work and objectives in the articles and profiles. LEN, this website and social media connects 6000+ Visitors to Community every week, and the number is growing. Visitors and Community can contribute articles on any subject they feel is relevant to our purpose.

2. Free Directory

The directory is available to all people who work in the area of wellbeing. For examples: Health Professionals - Counsellors - Food Supplements - Alternative Therapy. There is no charge for this asset - Our Well Being Shows connect Community to Visitors - We do not run shows to sell listings in our directory.

3. Media

Video and Audio recordings are essential to visibility. As Visitors watch the short films, they connect to the people in the interview and get to know members of The Community before visiting the shows. Questions which arise as the videos are viewed can be directed to the Forum. Audio recordings are made at every show, and Community members add information relevant to their work.

4. Classified

A free service for Visitors and Community members. The advertiser can take advantage of various categories. Ads are buyer-seller agreements. 

5. LizianEvents Group

Join this growing group. We encourage Visitors to become Community Members and share information about our work and evolution. It is an amazing feeling to enter a Well Being Show knowing you are part of the progress and design of the events.

Use the Connections to your Advantage:

Magic is happening, new people visit our sites daily. Read daily articles on LizianEvents News. Contribute essays, observations via the contact link on every page. Advertise your products or services in the classified ad's. Make yourself known on the Free Listings: Share and interact: The more Visitors connecting to The Community the greater the benefit of our work.

Many Thanks For Visiting