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The three venues used for our shows are:

next event 27 - 28 Jan 2018

next event 17 - 18 Feb 2018

next event 2 - 3 June 2018

Exhibitors are ‘Community Members’ who work in unison. The Community Members drive the shows. Their principal objective is to provide visitors with exceptional service and care. Community members respect each other and our visitors. Visitors are the reason for our work and a clear understanding of our ethos ensures each visit to the event will be happy and interesting. The number of community members who stand at each Well Being Show is limited to sixty five. We do not count table numbers to expand the size of an event. Sixty - five Community Members will equate to eighty - five tables. A visitor is guided to read and count the exhibitor list, to assess the size of an Event. 

LizianEvents has two driving forces:
One: Organise shows.
Two: Bond Visitors and Community with five areas of interaction.
        The first area is this website. Below is the remaining four: - 

LizianEvents News

The 'News' is a daily platform of information written for both Visitors and Community. Visitors will discover the ethos of our work and objectives. The ‘News’ is reaching 2000+ readers every week, and this number is growing. Visitors and Community can contribute articles on any subject they feel is relevant to our purpose.

The Forum

This Forum is ‘open’ which means a visitor does not have to ‘register’ to comment or open a thread. It is to become an essential facet of our future, as comments about our work are encouraged. It is also a place where questions can be asked about any subject.

Community Media

Videos are an essential part of our visibility. As visitors watch the short films, they can connect to the people in the interview. You can ‘get to know’ members of our Community before your visit. And questions which arise as the videos are viewed can be answered in the Forum. Download all MP3 file without charge.

Classified Ads

This service is a free service for both Visitors and Community members. There are some categories for the advertiser to utilise and the miscellaneous category covers everything else. All Ads are buyer-seller agreements. There is no commission or fees chargeable, and we will never charge for any of our services.

It is important for Visitors and Community Members to understand LizianEvents does NOT trawl for emails of contact details. The only place we ask for emails which are used for promotion is at the Shows. In this instance, we know the emails are provided in return for entry into our prize draw.

Many Thanks For Visiting

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